your sushi your way

sushi kenzen make your own

why do we source local produce?

because we believe in supporting communities


Sushi Kenzen locally sourced produce
locally sourced ingredients sushi kenzen

why do we source whole tassie salmon to make your sushi?

because it’s farm fresh and we don’t waste a bit


sushi kenzen edamami

why is our edamame in paper cups?

because we prefer our beans without a hint of plastic


sushi kenzen grass fed beef fortitude valley brisbane

why is our beef tender?

because we cook them for you on the spot and it tastes better for you


our sushi is more than food, it’s an experience


#all our sauces are homemade with premium ingredients #all ingredients are sourced locally and 100% Australian owned #all sushi are made fresh in store daily. you name it, we have done it!


sushi kenzen fortitude valley customised sushi rolls
free range chicken sushi kenzen

why do we use chicken thigh fillet?

because it’s the best part of the chicken and it tastes better


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