Flamed seared salmon sushi and gyoza

Flamed seared salmon sushi is an exclusive style of preparation where fish is cooked in different ways. It is partially flame torched with blowtorch and placed over pressed sushi rice. Rice is normally pressed in a box and called the Oshi style. Fish gives yummy unique creamy flavor with one side flame cooked giving a smoky smell and another side is raw.

This aburi-style sushi is perfect if you’re not sashimi (raw fish) lover — know that you get the best of both worlds here — with the top lightly torched and the bottom, still retaining some silkiness from the smoked salmon.

Our gyoza dumplings are filled with ground meat and vegetables wrapped in a thin dough,which is then sealed by pressing the edges together. To top it up, our gyoza comes with homemade soy sauce to please your palate.

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